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Clothing Subscription- Yey or Nay?

I heard about Stitch Fix a couple years ago and never could decide if I wanted to give it ago. I watched endless youtube unboxing videos. I created an account but then realized they may not have my sizes so I decided not to give it a try.

I recently heard that stitch fix now has bigger sizes available so once again I am considering giving it go.

For those of you (bigger gals) who have tried it, is it worth it?

I am a person who absolutely HATES going out clothes shopping for myself. So doing it now n the comfort of my own home sounds amazing! Plus I always want to wear nice clothes, but have a hard time finding something outside my comfort zone.

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A Big Fluffy Fail!

Since it’s summer break for the kids we thought we would do the usual homemade slime. After searching youtube for new ways to make it that maybe didnt contain borax…..we landed on Fluffy Slime! 

It started out promising.

We started getting excited. But then……

It just turned to a liquid mush. What a bummer!!

What did we do wrong? We followed the instructions given on this DIY youtube video you can watch HERE if you’d like. 

Maybe it was because I tried to go cheap and bought the glue and shaving cream from the dollar tree? The video did not specify a certain brand was needed. 

In the end I just gave up and decided to just keep adding in borax until it became the traditional slime.

Will will give the fluffy slime another sometime this week and switch up the brand to see if that works. 

What are your kids favorite summer projects? 


Savvy Minerals

I am so excited to announce the new products with Youngliving! 

I love that theres a safe alternative for makeup, and its Vegan! 
 What product would you love to get? I am torn between trying the foundation first or the multitasker. 

If you haven’t joined youngliving yet and are interested in trying out some of these wonderful new products, I recommend joining.When you   signup you gain access to purchasing all products at wholesale prices! No monthly fees or obligations to buy. 

Join here:

And remember if ypu have any questions please let me know and I will get the answers to you asap! 

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Bedtime spray

I am absolutely loving this room spray I put together! Got the idea off Pinterest ( ). I made it last week and have been spraying it on my top blanket before bed, while doing my nightly routine. Between this spray and my bed of needles the last three nights I have slept so good! 
I used:

Vallor ll (I got mine here

Witch hazel

What are your favorite ways to prepare for bed?

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Best Month yet!

I can not believe its December already!!! This year has flown by faster than any other year has. 

 I am amazed by this months Posh freebies! We just finished  five days of great Pink Friday deals and now this?! Wow.


But thats not all! If you get the kit this month not only will you get the free exclusive item but three free skin sticks as well! They are valued at  $13 a piece. That’s $39 in product, free! PoshwithLonda

If you get the kit now you can use some of the products as great pampering gifts to friends or loved ones this Holiday season. 

Lots of posh is my favorite this month. The End Mend shampoo and conditioner are $46 almost hald of what the entire kit costs!! So why not join me (PoshwithLonda ) and get all these amazing products valued over $27o for just $99!!!! Plus some free business tools. So if you decide to take on that oppertunity you will have what you need to get started. To me its a no brainer. 


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Free exclusive Pampering Products!

What an amazing deal! Get these exclusive items for free. If you have been on the fence about getting the starter kit (for $99 gets you over $200 worth in product) now is the time to jump on over. 
Recruits who join Nov. 25–30 get these 5 FREE holiday products in addition to the amazing products and tools that come in their Starter Kits.

And this is just day one of the holiday weekend Posh deals!!! Stay tuned to hear more. 

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Scratch wraps

Well I finally decided to give these nail wraps a try. I am a jamberry fan but got these in a Birchbox. 

Horrible! That’s really all I have to say. Not sure if I just hot a bad batch or what?! They were cracking as I peeled off the plastic. These thing were brittle and dry like. The youtube video I watched before applying these made it look stretching and easy to mold around your nails. I did apply a top coat so we shall see how long these last. 

 I liked how you didnt need heat like the jamberries but these are even lifting or curling around the edges and I just put them on. Maybe from the top coat? 


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New planner addict here

I fell in love with planner decorating! I came across someone on youtube back in August doing a plan with me video, and I loved it! Finally broke down and got a planner in September and placed my first sticker order in late October. My next step is to find some good stamps and in to ise so i can save money. The stickers are super cute cute but spend if i do it all the time. 


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I am so close!!!

Oh my gosh I just need $200 to make my promotion! And if I hit it by the 31st i’ll also get an awesome shirt!! Anyone able to help a gal out?! Any amount helps! Thats just 10 people who spend $20, maybe a nice to meet you set you can gift? Or our awesome BFF, one of my personal faves 😁 Anyone who places an order (starting today until midnight on the 31st) to help me out will be entered into a drawing to win a free product from me personally.

This is also a great opportunity to start your christmas shopping! We have some good christmas products available right now for a limited time. Or even just sharing my post will help a ton to get my name and love of Posh out there. Thanks so much!

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POSH Christmas!!

As some of you may know I recently became a Perfectly Posh consultant and I just want to share with you some limited edition products. The just released these early this morning. I really do not think these products will last long. I know many consultants started making their purchases at midnight! So if any interest you I suggest to get them quickly. Here it is guys!!!    If you have any questions please let me know!